Friday, July 27, 2012


Modern design, the latest innovation and environmentally friendly kits: Nike unveils the new away jersey for Ferencváros FC.

Ferencváros’s new away kit fuses together its iconic green color with a modern expression. While the jersey symbolizes FTC’s deep-rooted heritage, the new design is inspired by the team’s warrior approach to winning this year’s championship.
The kit’s army green color and gold borders give a fresh and elegant look for the whole team. The three letters inside the collar refer to the slogan of Ferencváros, "moral, strength and unity."
"I really like new design, it gives me self-confidence. For me it is very important what I wear to the game, and this new kit transmits force whenever I try it on,"  said Mark Otten, FTC.
In producing the new uniform, Nike designers used the latest innovative technologies to help players perform at their best. The kits are made from 23% lighter fabric with a 20% stronger knit structure than Nike’s previous kits. They also feature Nike Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture away from body to help keep athletes cooler and drier on pitch. The kits have bonded re-enforced t-bar junctions that support critical seams on the shirt and shorts and inner welded seams with a flat finish construction to improve comfort and performance.
The kits are made from 100% recycled polyester, making them Nike’s most environmentally friendly kit ever produced.  The manufacturing process reduces energy consumption up to 30% compared to producing virgin polyester. Since 2010 Nike has used about 115 million recycled plastic bottles to create its high performance kits.


Nike Becomes Official Medal Stand, Travel and Villagewear Apparel Supplier for COB for 2012 and 2016.

NIKE, Inc. and the Brazilian Olympic Committee, COB, have confirmed a partnership for Nike to become the official Medal Stand, Travel and Villagewear Apparel Supplier for COB for the next four years, including the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. 
Nike will also supply the competition uniforms that will be worn in London for several Brazilian sports federations, including Track and Field, Football and Basketball.
“This is an unique opportunity for Nike to provide innovation that will help Brazilian Athletes perform at the highest level, both in London and in their home games in 2016”, said Cristian Corsi, Vice president and general manager of Nike do Brasil. “Nike has always been committed to bringing the best innovations to athletes at every level and we’ve done that in a powerful way for Brazil through this agreement”.
“Brazil is one of the most sport-obsessed nations on earth and Nike and Brazil have the same DNA in sport. Now we’ll be able to work together in a partnership that will certainly be significant for both partners”, said COB President Carlos Arthur Nuzman.
Nike is already a long-term partner with the Brazilian Football Federation, CBF; the Brazilian Basketball Federation, CBB; and the Brazilian Track and Field Federation CBAT, besides several national clubs and athletes.
This summer, Brazilian athletes will have access to a series of cutting-edge, lightweight performance innovations, including the Nike Hyper Elite uniform for basketball, which combines the principles of superior lightweight performance with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Brazil basketball and football uniforms that will be worn in the UK are made from material derived in part from recycled plastic bottles.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The fully integrated uniform system incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design while paying tribute to the school’s mascot and identity.

ARKANSAS (July 13, 2012) – Today the University of Arkansas unveiled its new football uniforms for the 2012-2013 season, featuring Nike Pro Combat System of Dress technology combined with unique design inspiration harkening back to the Razorbacks’ rich tradition and history.
The fully integrated uniform system incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design while paying tribute to the school’s mascot and identity. The team took a clean modern approach, keeping a cardinal uniform as well as a white version but will introduce a fierce new anthracite color as their alternate. 
"We want to be sure our student-athletes are competing in the latest uniform technology,” said Jeff Long, Athletic Director, University of Arkansas. “In addition, the cardinal and white is our staple, the basic look that we’ll never go away from, but we are excited to introduce other options for our fan base.  It’s a cutting-edge look with respect to a tradition that is uniquely Arkansas."
The Razorback’s new uniform delivers superior lightweight performance as well as optimal protection and tells a story through the new design. Nike worked closely with the university to bring elements of the schools rich Razorback heritage into a distinguished, clean and modern uniform design by emphasizing the strong iconic hog features. The shoulders are accented with jagged metallic razorback lines, which reflect the hairline along the hog’s back, thus creating a wider look across the pads. The “RAZORBACK” slogan has been placed on the front of the home jersey, which also features new number fonts and logo typeface, while “ARKANSAS” is shown on the away and alternate versions. Additionally the numbers, as well as the helmets, feature an aggressive faded finish. The “RING THE BELL” rally cry is also stitched into the inside neckline as a reminder to the athletes. 
In addition to the new design, this integrated uniform system provides enhanced durability and innovation from the inside out.  Additional padding without the bulk offers optimal low-profile impact protection specifically throughout the crucial “hit zone” around the hip area.
The uniform system design also emphasizes improved thermoregulation, including the Nike Pro Combat base layer, which is constructed with fabric selected for its ability to help keep the body cool and wick away sweat – making the uniform, and player, lighter and dryer. The jerseys are made of four-way stretch nylon that sheds moisture. Flywire technology in the collar eliminates two layers of fabric for improved breathability, providing a more stable anchor to keep the jersey in place.


Superior Lightweight Performance And National Pride Combine for Archery, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Field, Weightlifting and Wrestling.

Nike has created uniforms that will be worn in London this summer by Chinese athletes competing in Archery, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Track and Field, Weightlifting and Wrestling.
Innovations included Nike’s lightest-ever Hyper Elite basketball uniform for China’s men's and women's basketball teams and the Nike Pro TurboSpeed Uniform for China Track & Field. 
Craig Cheek, Vice President & General Manager of Nike China, commented: “Nike has been bringing innovations to Chinese athletes since 1984. These new products can help athletes unlock their potential and perform their best,” said Cheek.
World champion Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, who wore the Nike Pro TurboSpeed technology during three consecutive wins at the IAAF World Grand Prix, shared his thoughts on the Nike Pro TurboSpeed track uniform. “That was the first time for me to wear such a compressed yet comfortable uniform. By offering aerodynamic drag reduction, this technology helps me achieve my best performance,” he said.
Nike’s designs for the Chinese Federation uniforms draw inspiration from China’s rich and vibrant culture, combining Chinese calligraphy with modern architectural design elements. They use simple, powerful and vibrant lines to illustrate Chinese athletes’ strength and confidence. The striking design of the uniforms evokes a strong sense of national pride. Inspired by the lyrics of China’s national anthem, the mantra “Arise, March On” is printed into the neckline of the basketball jersey.
The uniforms also combine superior lightweight performance with lower environmental impact as part of Nike’s ‘Better World’ ethos. Innovation is embedded into the design and development process from the very beginning, addressing use of environmentally preferred materials, reduction of waste and eliminating toxics. The Track and Field and Basketball uniforms are made using materials derived from recycled bottles.
Chinese national basketball player Yi Jianlian commented: “The new uniform and shoes are lighter and more breathable. The design, with its Chinese elements, makes us feel proud and confident on the court. I also really appreciate the commitment to the environment and the fact that the uniforms are made with recycled plastic bottles.”


耐克公司在北京五棵松体育馆万事达中心携手七支中国国家队发布了一系列全新的比赛服装。包括中国国家篮球队、田径队、举重队、网球、沙滩排球、摔跤队及射箭队在内的七支中国军团将穿着全新服装出征下月在伦敦举办的全球运动盛会。这些比赛服装的科技包括:为中国国家男女篮球队设计的耐克有史以来最轻质的篮球比赛服及为中国田径队设计的Nike Pro TurboSpeed比赛服。
耐克集团副总裁、大中华区总经理齐凯歌(Craig Cheek)携手易建联、王仕鹏、朱芳雨、刘炜、苗立杰、陈楠、田源、陆浩杰、王娇等22名运动员代表在活动现场发布了蕴含最新设计的比赛服。齐凯歌表示,“自1984年中国重返奥运舞台以来,耐克就开始持续不断为中国运动员创造佳绩提供最先进的运动装备。我相信我们的创新产品能帮助运动员激发自身潜能、在赛场上发挥出最佳竞技水平。
因训练日程冲突而未能出席发布活动的中国田径队男子110米栏运动员、世界冠军刘翔,日前身穿Nike Pro TurboSpeed连续三次夺取了高手云集的国际田联大奖赛冠军,他说,“这是我首次尝试紧身比赛服,它很贴合身体,穿着舒服,让我动作完成很到位,能够更专注地进行比赛。”
在带来高性能表现的同时,这些比赛服装秉承了耐克 Better World 理念,强调对环境的低影响。创新环保理念充分贯穿于产品设计和生产过程中,打造出广泛使用再生材料并充分降低物料损耗的比赛服装。中国田径队及篮球队的比赛服装的材料均来源于回收降解的塑料瓶。 
除了创新科技,新比赛服融入了丰富的中国文化元素及设计理念。“中国”汉字字符和“CHINA”英文字符是中国军团新装备上最具标志性的图案。从博大精深的中国传统文化中汲取灵感,耐克设计师在传承和创新的碰撞里大胆发挥,巧妙地将汉字复杂的笔画交织和中国当代建筑物恢弘大气的线条美相结合,创造出全新的字符设计。在“中国”汉字字符中,因横向线条的夸张角度而被改变的方框,使字型更加生动独特。中国五星红旗的元素也被融入其中,“国”字上的一颗红星如同点睛之笔,熠熠生辉。在中国篮球队的队服领口处,印有“ARISE, MARCH ON(起来,前进)”的标语,灵感来自中国国歌,意在为运动员加油鼓劲。中国男子篮球队员易建联说,“新的球衣和球鞋更加轻盈,透气性更好,设计上还融入了中国元素,穿着这样的装备让我感觉很自豪,也更有信心打好比赛。而我也听说这些比赛服都是用塑料瓶回收制成,我很欣赏这样的环保理念。


MOSCOW, Russia. (July 11, 2012) – Nike today unveiled its latest product innovations to be worn by the Russian Track and Field team this summer in London.
Merging performance, design and sustainability, Russian athletes will be able to take advantage of the best of Nike’s innovation with products such as the new Nike Pro TurboSpeed collection and the FlyKnit racer.
Michaela Stitz, Vice President and General Manger, Nike Central and Eastern Europe was joined by four Russian athletes Anastasia Kapachinskaya, Ksenia Vdovina, Lilya Shobukhova, Maria Savinova and Andrey Silnov to reveal the latest designs for the Russian athletes.
Nike Global Olympic Creative Director Martin Lotti said: “Our overriding design principle is superior lightweight performance, and we’ve created innovations that can help make the athlete faster. For the Russian Track and Field team, we’ve incorporated a mix of color, typeface and design that reflect the Russian national identity. Combined with the fact that every piece of apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles, it adds up to true innovation.”
The Russian uniform was inspired by a mix of iconic cultural imagery including constructivism art style and soviet era posters. The two-headed eagle crest over the heart signifies Russian pride and unity and is set against the distinctive blue and red uniform. The Russian typeface was inspired by prominent Russian artists and denotes a proud and industrious nation.
Valentin Balakhnichev, President of the Russian Track and Field Federation said: “With more than 100 athletes in our Track and Field squad this year, we are pleased to have Nike as a partner, supplying our team with innovative footwear and apparel to help unlock their potential and proudly represent their country.”
Anastasia Kapachinskaya said: “The kit should be first of all light and comfortable, to assure nothing distracts you from the competition. In my discipline speed is key and the Nike Pro TurboSpeed suit helps me to be faster on the track. I also like that the designers used traditional Russian elements in the design of the kit.”
The Nike Pro TurboSpeed suit is the lightest, fastest track uniform Nike has ever built. Based on 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing data, it is up to 0.023 seconds faster over 100m than Nike’s previous track uniform. With a focus on sustainability, uniforms in the Nike Pro TurboSpeed collection use an average of 82% recycled polyester fabric and up to an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles.
The Nike Flyknit revolutionizes running by rethinking shoe construction from the ground up. Yarns and fabric variations are precisely engineered only where they are needed for a featherweight and virtually seamless upper. With all the structure and support knitted in, the whole shoe weighs a mere 160g (5.6 ounces). The inspiration for Nike Flyknit was born from everyday athlete insights, craving a shoe with the qualities of a sock: a snug fit that goes virtually unnoticed to the wearer.


Combining NIKE’S lightest, most technologically advanced textiles with iconic graphics, the Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform helps boost players’ performance and communicates the pride of USA Basketball.
The innovation begins with Nike Aerographics, an engineered fabric that is a passive cooling solution allowing greater design and graphic flexibility while creating mesh areas in a garment without adding seams. It adds graphic interest to a garment that actually contributes to the performance by increasing air circulation. The Nike Hyper Elite Shorts to be worn by the USA Basketball team alone weigh in at 14 ounces lighter than the average shorts currently worn by professional players. Further, since unveiling Nike Aerographics in 2008, the NIKE design team has harnessed the technology’s bold design applications and endless graphic possibilities.
Taking these advancements into account, the NIKE Hyper Elite Jersey, our lightest jersey ever, features a breathable and durable design with striking Nike Aerographics. Its 3D-structured Dri-FIT fabric helps pull sweat away from the skin and reduce cling while a functional flock screenprint on the inside of the collar provides further sweat management. The sleeveless v-neck silhouette, including hem vents and modified armholes, offers mobility while the slim fit reduces bulkiness and distraction.
The jerseys are advanced to iconic when combined with bold graphics, including contrast color blocking, a signature pride Nike Aerographics on the back and a country-specific battle cry on the inside of the neck, helping to inspire players and fans alike. A federation mark, in addition to the athlete’s name and number, add to the seminal look. Meanwhile, the fabric of the men’s jersey is made with approximately 96% recycled polyester. The Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform saves an average of 22 recycled plastic bottles per uniform---reflecting the NIKE commitment to considered design.
Conversely, Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Shorts feature 100% recycled polyester material, highlighting the same wicking Dri-FIT capabilities of the jersey, as well as four-way stretch fabric for mobility and comfort. Side-panels feature laser-cut perforations, supplying ventilation for supplementary sweat management. A waistband with engineered ventilation perforation and internal drawcord allows for a more secure, comfortable fit around the waist.
Nike Hyperdunk
Elevating basketball performance to the next level, NIKE debuts the Nike Hyperdunk, part of the landmark Nike Lunarlon Collection. An innovative combination of advanced NIKE Flywire technology and a basketball-specific NIKE Lunarlon cushioning system, this light, more supportive, durable and breathable shoe is expressly designed to meet the demands of elite basketball players worldwide.
The upper of the Nike Hyperdunk features the most advanced version of NIKE Flywire, which uses high-strength cables for support and stability. These responsive cables are loose when at rest and dynamic in motion, tensing to help stabilize the foot. A synthetic heel clip enhances lockdown, as the engineered foam and mesh of the upper reduces weight while further increasing breathability, strength and durability. Simultaneously, the collar of the shoe wraps lower in the back and higher over the front, increasing flexibility and lateral stability in the heel and ankle. The open mesh tongue and full inner sleeve provide lightweight ventilation and a more secure, comfortable fit.
Midsole, basketball-specific Lunarlon foam cushioning supplies a soft, yet responsive foundation. Improving upon past models, there is additional foam in key areas, enhancing lateral stability and durability. A 3-D shaped, glass-reinforced, composite mid-foot shank offers torsional rigidity and responsiveness. Moving to the outsole, solid rubber provides durability and traction on a variety of surfaces while a modified traction pattern and forefoot pivot circle enhance multi-direction grip. Moreover, a high-wrapping lateral outrigger provides reinforcement for hard cuts, providing players with the support they need for high performance. 
NIKE Pro Combat Men’s Hyperstrong 2.0 Vis-Deflex 
Superior on-court protection comes from the NIKE Pro Combat Men’s Hyperstrong 2.0 Vis-Deflex shirt and shorts. Providing impact protection under basketball jerseys, via ergonomically designed Vis-Deflex floating foam technology, these advanced garments allow players to battle with increased confidence.
For the upper body, the NIKE Pro Combat Men’s Hyperstrong 2.0 Vis-Deflex Shirt serves as lightweight armor on the ribs, side and lower back regions while flat-seam construction minimizes chafing. Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat and mesh side panels improve ventilation. Meanwhile, NIKE Pro Combat Men’s Hyperstrong 2.0 Vis-Deflex Shorts defend the tailbone and thigh regions of the lower body that take the most abuse. Employing the same flat seam technology and floating foam technology as shirts, these protective shorts also place mesh overlay on pads to enhance comfort.

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